Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Social intelligence/humour/confidence

I have shifted away from spirituality and philosophy, and into the realm of social interactions and social intelligence. Today was a very special day since I and a group of friends started recruiting people to join the comedy club at school.

It has come to my attention that a persons story telling ability is paramount importance. I got to have a reservoir of stories in my head, and they got to be funny stories that show emotion and excitement. Cannot be boring stories filled with just facts. Comedians are excellent story tellers since they are able to stir emotion of their listeners. They are able to articulate well and that is something I got to work on. I say the main points, but I have difficulty articulating my words. Really direct in my talking, and bluntly honest. Maybe I give to much information as well, when I talk and so I ruin the mystery behind who I am. Yet there is this depth to me that even I don't understand.

Another key is tonality and that is something I am lacking of in area. I sound retarded when I talk. Got to project my voice more, so that everyone can hear what I am saying. I should not worry about what other people will think of me, and maybe I can be more expressive. Not just say something with my mouth, but speak with my whole body for example move my hands, twitch my face.

Body language I must work on remaining still. I move back and fourth to much. I notice that many people, I included are holding back using body language to the fullest. We are not tapping into this great source. Seems like we have been trained to not colour outside the box. We are trained to behave, and not do crazy stuff. Starting tomorrow I will use full body language to show variety of different expressions when I interact.

Now what you say you shouldn't repeat a specific line. Tailor the line based on each individual. Go with the moment, by being expressive. If you just say one thing then people will usually not appreciate what you are saying to them. If you tailor what you say based on the individual, they will appreciate it more because you are coming from authentic space, rather then seeing them as just another number. For example if you see someone with a cool hat, then call them out on the hat. It is hard to do, because you cannot think of what to say sometime, and it does take energy.

Energy is key. You got to have a pushy vibe. Be in there face, but not so much, so that they hate you. Know when to call it quits, because if they are not having it, then they are not having it, so you back off. Yet if you are coming from a point of low energy, and no enthusiasm for what you believe in then you will not be able to spark that interest in others. It is difficult to maintain high up beat energy, so I think an hour break after promoting for 4 hours is necessary.

Of course never give up. Stay tuned as I uncover more mysteries about social intelligence, and social interaction with people. This is my on the side study project.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Finding Field Part 1 Review

Reading this great book called Finding Field by Micheal Brown. Really fascinating book, but I will warn this might be a spoiler to some parts of the book.

Basically the premise of the book is this guy gets shot in the head. Goes in a coma and wakes up and forgets his personal life up till the point of getting shot, so he doesn't know who he is anymore. Basically the bullet is in his head and it can't be removed. He suddenly becomes aware of this field that penetrates all of reality. Didn't give much wisdom in the beginning, some stuff happens, he meets his lover, and she dies on a sailing accident. Eventually he ends up in a farm with this insane person named Matthew. Anyways thats the foundational structure of the book. On top of this the author throws in all kinds of spiritual ideas, which I talked to my brother about and he did not agree with everything I said, so I will introduce his perspective as well.

In the beginning there was the Great Spirit(God/Consciousness/Whatever you want to call it). It was limitless potential. It was a deep longing. It wanted to remember what it was. It asked itself "What am I?" By the act of asking this question the Great Spirit created many different souls. Each soul was compartmentalized. The great soul created light and darkness, hot and cold, pain and suffering, male and female, and basically everything. There was a programming in the Great spirit, so that when theses souls were created they experienced a forgetting. They would forget the connection they all had with the Great Spirit, and therefore they would not know the entire truth of what they were, so they would continue to ask the question, "What am I?"

Basically my brother believes we are like vessels for the Great Spirit. We come to this Earth and accumulate life experiences, and then we die and those experiences go back to the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit learns a little more about itself and WHAT IT IS! He believes the ultimate goal of the soul is to become One with the great spirit, and lose the veil of separation or ego. Yet he does not believe the soul and the Great spirit are one. Like I do.

 Basically I see it like this. You have human nervous system and it decodes reality for you. If you were not observing reality. If we were not here. The universe would not be asking the question of WHAT AM I.

There was this one question that was tickling my mind for awhile. Whose reality is real? Mine or yours? The book says, Both. Basically we attract into our bubble universe the part of the soul that best reflects our inner beliefs. We cannot perceive the real person, because they are covered up by the veil of our thoughts. They will always be elusive to us.

What about meaning? Do things have meaning in life? It is all subjective experience. No objective experience. If you really think about it this is right. Like I see an elephant and I experience it differently then how you would experience it. Maybe I look at the trunk and you are fascinated by the eyes. Your life is your mirror. If I think about it everything I do is a reflection of my inner state. It is jumbled and complicated with facts.

Everything in your body is being replaced day by day. You eat food and you get sustenance and energy. I have decided to eat vegetables and fruits more then meat because these are alive things and have more source energy. More rejuvenating to the body and nourish it more. Your consciousness is the energy or source energy.

New law "Consciousness can neither be created or destroyed it can only change the form of its expression" Finding field pg 165 (Energy?)

A good man neither knows good or bad. He is amoral Meaning he doesn't assign definition to things. He just tries to understand it. Basically the book is saying the universe desires a feeling. A certain knowing. I think that feeling is that of love. The Great spirit wants to feel love and it can never truly do that if it is the only one...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Key 1: Optimizing your nutrition

Reading this book. Called Ultramind Solution. Basically wanting to supercharge my mind. Here are some of the notes I made while reading the book. I won't be able to go into much detail. You will have to read the book to understand the details more.

-We need to consume 15-19gm of Omega 3 Fatty Acids a day like those native American people up north who eat whale and stuff.
-Omega 3 fat is pretty are to attain because it comes from wild fish, and game, seaweed, algae, eggs hatched from chickens fed only flax seeds, and fish meals
-This stuff makes your cell membrane more fluid
-Sardines are packed with with omega 3, I know but they stink!

There are four key neurotransmitters dopamine to be happy, and acetycholine for learning. Both are excitatory. There is seratonin(feel good) and GABAI(calms you. Drinking green tea right now). These 2 are inhibitory. It is like a pedal on bicycle excitory, inhibitory.

You need to eeat whole nourishing plant foods, composed of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Some of these stuff contain fibre which slows down absorption of sugars and fats in the body, which keeps everything balanced. Basically good carbs.

I am reading section on vitamins and minerals, but basically if you are not eating whole, organic, non GMO, clean soil, local, and getting 9 hours of sleep. You need vitamins and minerals supplement.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

2 Key Insights

I forgot to mention 2 more key spirituality insights. My friend, and an anime show reminded me of them.
First key insight: Everything is connected to everything else. Nature is all about consuming. You see animals like rabbits eat the grass, and humans eat the rabbit, and if humans did not eat the rabbit they would starve, and become eaten by insects like worms, which would generate compost. The compost would provide nutrients to the plants(grass), which the rabbit would then eat. It is a cycle of life and death. All is One. One is All. The universe is the All. Individual is the One. This is simplification of what I am trying to say. Humans are like ants in the universe. We really can't make a difference, by ourselves.

Yet a collection of organization in the world are shaping the planet. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because nothing in the universe is really bad. Everything in the grand scale is neutral. For us in our perspectives it can be either good or bad. There is a message that is being sent to the masses that sex, violence, and evil is good and entertaining. There is a darkness in the world. You see it every time you turn on the television. Listen to music. Play the video games. Yet we go around acting like we are good. Smiling at one another, but these damn dark thoughts cannot go away. They are here to stay, because as much as there is light within us, there is also a darkness. We are both the destroyers and the creators of the world. It is important to accept this fact.

The collective force of all these organizations together is destroying the planet, and we don't have very much time before the planet is destroyed. Most people are in denial. Everyone is to busy with their addictions that it doesn't really matter. A new life will emerge on a distant planet and the cycle will repeat itself. We will perhaps reincarnate there, and play the same game once more.

Basically, ponder over how you are connected to everything else for the night.

2nd Key insight! You can't experience good, if you don't experience the bad. How do you know what love is if you never felt hate before? How do you know what pleasure is if you never felt pain before? You need to experience polar opposite of something in order to see the truth more fully. The truth is that you are living it. You are experiencing the truth, but you cannot, know it. To know it and to rationalize it, is only a mere fabrication of the truth. The truth can only be experienced and it is undefinable.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Present Moment, Awareness, Vibration

There is you, and there is the universe. You and the universe are one. One day the universe became self aware. It started questioning itself, and asking, "Who am I?" This fundamental question was asked when entities in the universe began to think, so in a way the universe began to think.

This seeking of the I lead to searching for oneself in things. The entities derived their identities from their possession, and surrounding. The connections they formed, were what defined them, but some of them boxed themselves into a particular belief system, and in a way they became boxed. There vision of the greater landscape became blurry.

Until one day a break down occurred. Great sorrow lead to a realization of there is I and there is the I that feels the sorrow. They separated from the I that felt the sorrow, and embraced the one and only true I. That I was "The awareness". The awareness that is always there. Asking the questions. Looking for the answers. There are no answers out there. There are no questions. There is just the awareness, in the ever present moment.

There is the painting. There is an empty white canvas. That is stillness. That is infinite potential. Anything is possible on that white canvas. The painting is the vibration. The painting is only the illusion. The persona of the true white canvas. That stillness, and that white canvas, give the space for the vibration, the painting to take shape, to form.

Everything in the universe is vibration. Below all that vibration is stillness or no vibration. It is characterized as being infinite love, because from it spawns the vibration, and this vibration can take any shape any form. Meaning the stillness is the infinite potential. There is great power in silence and no thought.

Focus your attention on the breath. Become aware that you are the awareness. Pay attention to the emotions, the sensations being stimulated to your senses. Be here and in the now. If you must imagine then imagine for there is great power in imagination, but being in the now should be your default state.

I am grateful for all that I learned about this awareness and present moment state of consciousness. Now it is time to go, and live life to the fullest. I am abandoning self development, and spirituality and just focusing on living life to the fullest. Of course I will apply what I learned, but I won't actively be seeking knowledge on trying to find myself for maybe a few years. I am focusing on changing my habits instead.

What I have learned is that motivation is just a feel good emotion. You have the highs and the lows of it. Discipline is what I need to train. Habit is what I need to train. I have a few goals, and I am going to focus my attention on them instead. It is better to have a few goals, so you can make a few changes in habits, in order to reach them. If you have to many goals it can be difficult to change all of your habits, and your whole life all at once.

Rome wasn't built in a day, so why should the lifestyle you want. I am going to stop resisting problems that arise from moment to moment, and I will just embrace them, and dance with them. That is how it works. The more you resist the problems the more they persist.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Improving memory part 2

I want to share with you guys the process I am taking to remember information right now. This is still work in process, and I will probably be refining my methods as time goes on. Okay when you are studying the first part is comprehension and the second part is memorizing the information. Doing both is stressful. You want to have good notes. Don't just copy information from the text onto a sheet of paper in a linear manner. Create mind maps.
Mind maps work like this. Check out this video, I think explaining visually is the best method.

It is about using both your right and left brain. This looks more fun then making linear notes does it not? 
Now if you have sequential information it is best to do it in an outline format step by step linear. Think about the subject matter and decide will outline work, or mind map, or maybe even highlight, or small notes in margin. The point is 80% of the text is just garbage. You want to focus on the 20%, which is the key detail. This reduces the time you spend learning. Where I got this information from? Empowering Youth
This youtube channel ^^

Now I have all the information comprehension done. I have read the text I understand what the information is about. I want to memorize it. So I create a database.
1st Step-> Make anchor images using logi system. Walk around your home and familiarize yourself with the furniture, and other objects. These are easy to remember because you see them so often. Not really memorizing, since you over learn this information
2nd Step--> Use random things and place them on the furniture and objects from step 1. This could be a person sitting naked on the staircase, or a vending machine on the porch, or whatever. Something outrageous the better. For memory the following is important. Visualization, association, outstanding, rhythm, color, humor, overview, and 5 senses
3rd Step--> Now take a key word for example the word Financial--> Break it down "fin" and "ankle"... ankle with a fin attached to it. Or accounting. Symbolized by an old type of till. I also use symbols. Like the mirror means self reflection, and getting out of a box means leaving comfort zone. Whatever it is attach these images to the images in step 2
The magic happens when you remember your furniture/object, and it reminds you of random thing, which then reminds you of a key concept you are trying to memorize. I write down my "associations"on a piece of paper, so I can review them in case I forget. Sure it takes a little creativity, but with practice using your minds eye anything can be memorized. Everything requires focus, and you might have to review the images a few times, before they stick in your head. 
Just remember why you are doing this. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Improving memory part 1

Memory is the recalling of long term, or short term information. It is crucial for understanding the inner and outer world. The universe is full of facts. Repeating, and repeating, and repeating information isn’t causing retention, and it has caused me to fail repeatedly. The human mind is a forgetting machine. It deletes information that it finds irrelevant.

If I give you a string of numbers will you be able to remember it? Probably not. If I tell you a story that is captivating, and exciting from beginning to end will you remember most of it. Of course, but memory is not just about emotions. It is more than that.
Before I get started I just want to advise that exercise, balanced healthy diet, and sleep are crucial if you want your memory to be optimized at its fullest potential. Avoid sugary foods. Drink coffee, but with a healthy meal and in moderation. You can try and have that coffee high and see how it goes, but I find caffeine just scrambles my attention. Attention is really important. You want to have tv turned off. Only music you can listen to is undistracting music.

Use mnemonics. They are there to help you learn better. Senses are what you use to interpret the world around you. Currently I know only of visual memorization methods. Make pictures inside your mind, and make sure they are vivid, colorful, 3 dimensional, but don’t try to hard. You will lose yourself in trying to make image in your memory vibrant for several minutes, when it should take you no more than 10 seconds.

You see the human mind remembers links. In other words it remembers connections. All mnemonics does is help facilitate connections. The Greeks had a method for memorizing epic poems. They used the location method.

Walk around familiare settings and make note of objects in a particular order. For example walk around your living room and make note of all the furniture. Play it in your mind in a specific order like a movie. View the image in your minds eye. Think of it like a computer. Make mental note of all the items in your house and put them in specific order. This is your hard drive.

Now say you go to grocery shopping and you want to buy oranges, apples, eggs, milk, etc. You would place the image of a talking orange on your couch, and you will place image of egg eating an egg on your chair. There is an apple with leaves that gush out milk from the petals. Vibrante unique images like that you will likely remember. Stretch your imagination. You are more likely to remember unusual stuff than usual stuff. If I placed an orange on couch, an egg on chair, and an apple and milk on something it is not very exciting? Why would I put in the effort to remember something, so boring.

Next thing you want to do is look at the items in your home and break them down into parts. Systematically break the couch down and look at each of its parts individually. You can make the memorize more information per piece of furniture. Attach all four images of your grocery list onto one piece of object. Move onto the next piece of object, and four more images.
It is important to review these objects habitually, and to make it a habit for yourself.

Another important thing to note is that abstract information must be coded. You can’t remember numbers, or foreign words because they have no meaning to you. Here I give you a list of numbers, and the images I would associate with them.

1. leaf
2. pink rose
3. elephant.

Now you want to remember these images and associate them with numbers. Immediately when I say 1 a picture of a certain type of leaf should pop up in your head. There is no way to memorize this other than repetition, but keep it visual. Imagine a 2 flying underneath a pink rose. Build a list of associated codes for yourself. I like to use symbols also for abstract information. The image of skull brings into my memory tons of ideas of death. Symbols are good for learning information.
Memorizing foreign language I have not mastered it yet, and I will release information when I have.